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Go Tigers!

Images_1 Unbelievable game tonight between Mizzou and Kansas!  I hope you got to watch it at least.  I really, really wanted to be there tonight but the tickets were $40.  But after seeing the game, it totally would have been worth the price.  Mizzou winning in OT.  A nail-biting end in regulation.  Gardner had a great game and the Tigers have definitely turned this season around from the pre-season predictions.  Which makes me and other fans of the good ol’ days happy once again.  There was a little nostalgia hearing the name "Rush" called out in the Mizzou arena.  Karem’s little brother, however, is playing for Kansas so its not quite the same. 

I’ve been dragging all day today with my 5 hrs of sleep last night.  I was home 8 – 12 waiting on the Sears guy to come fix my water softener.  He got here about 11 and an hour later, he left with almost $300 of my hard-earned money and I having a working softner once again.  It is days like these that make me question home ownership.  It sometimes seems like something pricey every month. 

Time to go to bed.  I missed a few minutes of the first half tonight because I dozed off.  That didn’t happen second half at all but I’m feeling it now. 

Peace –

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