Random Reflections

Goal 42

I did it. 

Yesterday, I submitted an article to Relevant Magazine Online for possible publication on their website.  It is just under 1,000 words.  I do not receive payment for it.  It will not be in print.  But I submitted it as my first step towards accomplishing one of my goals.  The goal to be a published writer.

One of my goals of the vacation was to fine tune some thoughts and submit it. I enjoy the articles of Relevant so began there.

I haven’t heard anything yet nor did I expect to a day after submitting.  It may very well not be published. But that doesn’t matter right now. 

Today I am enjoying the sweet satisfaction of taking a step forward. One step forward is still new territory so in that I revel. And as my friend, RevAbi purports, I am living, not merely hanging in there.


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