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Golf in January

What a gorgeous winter day!  I love winter days in the 50s and 60s. 🙂

691fWith a warm and sunny afternoon, I played frisbee golf with some friends.  What fun!  I’ve never played frisbee golf but I do think I could become a big fan.  Actually, anything active and competitive is appealing to me.  Of course, now I want to invest in some frisbee discs.  So I went searching on the internet for what was available or needed for the sport of disc golf and I can’t believe how much stuff is out there and how many different types of discs are offered.  They have driver discs, and putter discs, and floaters and rollers and . . .  Man, they are serious.  And here the four of us were out there today playing with regular ol’ frisbees that the dog chews up after a leaping catch.  We must have looked like frisbee hicks.  It reminds me of when I was in middle school and took tennis lessons one summer and my sister and I showed up with the old rackets with the wooden cases around them.  I think the instructors were stunned . . beyond even laughter. 

I won’t probably invest in a whole bunch of discs but I’d like to buy at least one driver and one putter and see the difference in my game.  It really is tons of fun.  I even got to climb a tree today to retrieve my disc.  Excellent adventures with excellent friends.

Watched the MU game this evening.  Heart-breaking.  Simply heart-breaking.  The power of a second.  The power of a bad, bad call.

I’m putting the final touches tonight on a sermon that I will preach tomorrow at FBC, Montgomery City. (near St. Louis).  I was asked to pulpit supply for a pastor whose mother-in-law passed away on Friday.  This will be the second time I’ve preached at a church other than First Baptist.  It is very different to preach to a group of people that you have no repoir or relationship with.  I pray that God will use it to His glory and that He will be pleased with our worship tomorrow.

My mom has been sick with some of this virus stuff. I think she got it from all the hugging and kissing she does on her grandson, Blake.  He is doing better but still pray for both of them to get back to full health.  Mom doesn’t have time to be sick.  She has a grandson to spoil.

Friday night was a CG Game Night and we had a great turnout.  Ping-pong; phase 10; Cranium and lots of basketball (well, H-O-R-S-E actually but it counts.)  I learned the "weave" last night from Coach Jeff Walden and that was fun.  I think I would have enjoyed playing basketball and volleyball in high school. But it just didn’t work out that way.

Time to wrap this up and get some sleep for tomorrow morning.  I pray that your Sunday is a wonderful experience of worship with God and your Christian family.

Peace – Melissa

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