Random Reflections

Happy 2007 Everyone

I wanted to wish all my readers and pop-by guests a Happy New Year! May the changing of the years bring you closure and healing as well as hope and anticipation.

I’ve been on vacation for awhile now and with the added holiday days, it feels like I’ve been on vacation for a month.  I have one more day before I head back to the office and plan to enjoy it.  It was been a great vacation.  I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished which makes me feel good.  My house in very clean and organized. I got was able to do some cleaning, cleansing, painting and organization while on the break which makes me feel like 2007 is off to a great start.  I don’t have specific resolutions but just the wonderful sense of a brand new year full of possibilities.

Today, in celebration of a milestone, I "destroyed" some reminders of past heart issues.  A ceramic frog lies in a state of pottery crumbles in my trash bin covered in a pile of ashes – all that is left of several journal entries regarding a particular era in my life.  It felt great!  Sometimes you have to physically do something to solidify what you have emotionally and mentally accomplished. A rite of passage as you look ahead.  And let me tell you – taking a hammer to something breakable is very therapeutic. Very.  I highly suggest it. 🙂

One of the verses I keep posted by my computer so that I can see it each night before I go to sleep says this:

At days end I’m ready for sound sleep.  For you, God, have put my life back together."     Psalm 4:8

A wonderful benediction to each day. May this be a prayer of promise and comfort for each of you as well.

Peace – Melissa

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