Random Reflections

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our Common Ground buddy, Alan!  Just to tell you how much CG rocks – they surprised Alan last night with a birthday celebration at Applebees!  I mean, a true surprise, indeed.   Aren’t CG friends cool? 🙂

So – here is a shout out to Alan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Unexpected blessing of the day:  Walking into the office area and seeing Preston and Cari eating lunch at the back table.  I grabbed my lunch and crashed the party and totally ignored their irritated ("go away") look. 

Two great quotes that I stumbled upon today:
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." – Ghandi
"When you genuinely love and care for people, they’re eventually going to ask you why." – Ed Dobson

Melissa – (currently rocking out to "West End Girls" by Pet Shop Boys)

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