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Happy Birthday to Me . . .

Today I am 32 years young.  Today I celebrate 32 years of life.  It has been a grand day and an even grander year.  I was overwhelmed today with birthday greetings, cards, flowers and celebrations. From the rising to far beyond the setting of the sun, my day has been filled with gifts of love from the beautiful people in my life.  I am truly overwhelmed by the care and love that has been expressed.  Thank you to all who made my day special and meaningful. Thank you to all who took time away from your day to bless mine.  A very special thank you to my dad for driving me to St. Louis to get my beauty of jeep.  A very heart-felt thank you to Maria, Grady and the gang who helped me celebrate in style tonight and gave me the opportunity to make a wish.  No matter what anyone says – I will not tell.

Tonight after all of the festivities ended and I returned to the quiet of my home, I had a date with some candles, some stars and a peaceful deck.  Tonight I had two things to toast.  A toast to my 32 years that have come and gone.  Someone asked me how I feel about getting older.  I’m excited.  Every year of my life has been better than the year before and I have all the faith that this pattern will continue.

31 was a year full of wonderful, beautiful moments. 

  • It was the year of Marshall Blake – my handsome, gifted nephew who has brought joy, laughter, and future to our family.  Blake fulfilled one of my greatest wishes which was to see my parents as grandparents.  I knew that they would be as goofy and love-sick as they indeed are.  It brings me great joy to see the great joy Blake has brought to my parents and even more so to my sister and her husband. 
  • It was the year of becoming healthy.  After several years of talking about it, I finally have done it and I feel great. There is a renewed energy and joy that comes from being active once again and it indeed has been a major factor in my 32nd year rocking my world. 
  • And it was the year of Steve.  I met and dated Steve all while 31 and the journey with him was one of the richest experiences this past year. When I flip through the mental pictures of this past year, most of the ones that bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart have Steve in them. Thank you, Steve, for making this year of life such a beautiful year.

As I toasted my year, I also gave toast to summer.  Tomorrow – September 22nd – is the first day of autumn.  My birthday marks the official end of summer and the ushering in of fall.  So, tonight I raised my glass to the summer of ’05.  It was a phenomenal summer and as I sat on my deck, I journeyed through my favorite summer moments – many which took place on that very deck.

Bring on 32.  I have no idea what awaits me but I’m excited about the possibilities. 31 far exceeded my expectations.  32 will do no less.

Bring on the fall.  I’m ready now.  I’ve said my goodbyes to flip-flops, beaches, ice cream, swimming and sand between my toes.  I’m ready for football, campfires, warm jackets, cuddling and leaves crunching under my feet.

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