Random Reflections

Happy Birthday

I turned 33 today.  Seems like only yesterday I was 32.  Wait . . . .

Its been a good day. As you become more gifted chronologically, you tend to just be thankful that at least you are gifted at something.

Honestly, I’ve always been one to say it gets better as I go.  No regrets.  No wishing I could return to a younger age.  There are some things I’d rather not repeat and some lessons I’d rather not relearn.  More than that, there are some awesome memories I wouldn’t dare risk losing.  I prefer to think about the possibilities of today and tomorrows.

To the many well-wishes who sent me cards and emails, to those who picked up the phone and to the many who left comments on "my space" and on "my wall", thank you.  I felt loved and special today.

Now, on to tomorrow.


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