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Happy New Year

Here is my monthly post! 🙂    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great New Year.  Christmas was great this year with the family and of course, with Blake.  Babies make Christmas fun.  Blake was the winner in regards to number of gifts and everything seemed to pass his oral inspection.  Apparently DVDs and wrapping paper are edible.  Never knew that . . .

For the past week, I’ve been with friends in Keystone, Colorado for an awesome ski trip.  We had great weather and just a great vacation. It was wonderful to get away from JC.  It was a relaxing week and a great time of fellowship with old friends and new friends.  I had never been to Keystone before – only Copper for skiing.  I like Keystone a lot.   New Year’s eve we were able to ride a gondola (a first for me) to the top of the mountain.  It was cold and beautiful.  We weren’t actually at the top of the mt to ring in the New Year’s but it was great nevertheless. (that’s a funny word isn’t it? nevertheless).  Anyway … I’m going into withdrawal from the trip.  Even though I’m not a ski fanatic, I love Colorado and just getting away and experiencing new things. Plus, it is weird to spend a week with 11 people and come back to just me at the house.  I know, I know – a shocking comment from this introvert.

As far as work goes, I officially begin a new title and chapter in my ministry.  I am now officially the Pastor of Children and Youth and I have moved to Rev. Melissa!  I’m not ordained yet but was licensed in March.  Hard to explain what it feels like to receive this title and validation of the ministry God has called me to.  Let’s just say both humbling and releasing.   In regards to my job here, I am dropping recreation and Women’s Ministry and picking up overseeing ministry to all children and youth – birth through grade 12.  Big responsibility but I really like the idea of developing a comprehensive ministry that will be focused on discipling children from the moment of birth until they leave this church family for post-secondary experiences. 

Reading a neat book about a young man who led a very interesting and brief life. Into the Wild. Interesting tale that I recommend for you to read sometime.

Blessings to each of you that read this and may God overwhelm you this month with His peace and rest.

Peace – Melissa

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