Random Reflections

Happy Stuffing Day

When I was doing laundry last night at the laundromat, my goal was to get the remainder of my dirty clothes into one washer saving myself $1.25 and some detergeant.  My stuffing was creative and well-planned.  There were no haphazard crammings, no wasted space.  No matter how much I wanted it, no matter how good my intentions, I couldn’t stuff it all in.  There was a limit and when I reached that limit, the door was closed and that was it.  No waiting 5 minutes and sneaking another towel in.  The case, and the washer, were closed.

Why don’t our stomachs work that way?  Why can I still manage to cram more food into my body with my stomach screaming "UNBALANCED LOAD"?  Why does my mouth not close and stay shut until my stomach has finished its cycle?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  I hope your day was stuffed with great food and great fellowship.

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