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Hard Work

With the holidays and vacation right and an incredibly busy schedule, my fitness regime had taken a real hit.  This past week in preparing to get back into dress clothes I was faced with the reality that I’ve had a little too much fun and not enough punishment the last few weeks.  Time to get back on track in a serious way. It timed well with seeing the last episode of The Biggest Loser.  I haven’t seen but probably two episodes this season but I remember watching more of it last year and really wanting it to all click for me and motivate me to make changes.  And I did.  It is such a great feeling to look back on 2005 and realize the great changes that I have made to my life in regards to fitness.  25 lbs. gone and never to return.  A new appreciation for an active life. I slipped just a little but I’m back on track and motivated to finish this out.  I hit the Y today and had a good workout.  I ate great today even with a whole break table of goodies. It is simply hard work and discipline.  And that was something that I was reminded of tonight while watching the finale.  There are no short cuts or easy way out.  It is a new lifestyle that I must always be committed to living. 

Much of life is this way, isn’t it?  No short cuts or easy way out.  Lots of discipline and hard work.  We can waste a lot of time avoiding things out of fear of hard work.  It really is our loss.

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