Random Reflections

Holiday Endings

Thanksgiving 2005 has come to a close.  The official transition for me happens when I put up Christmas decor which happened this afternoon.  The tree is up, the lights are in the window . . . I just need to dig out from cd storage the Christmas songs to officially get in the mood.  Although the weather was perfect today, it doesn’t necessarily scream "Christmas". 

My vacation holiday has come to a close as well.  It has been a wonderful week off where I could enjoy life at a much slower pace and enjoy stress-free moments with friends and family.  A little more like the life that I imagine God intends for us. As I return to work rested and cleansed, it is my prayer that I will keep things in perspective and stay committed to making time for the important things in life.  There are always a million good things that we can be doing but if we attempt to do them all then we will do little good. It is figuring out the few good things that we are made to devote ourselves to that is important to life contentment.

Tonight I head to bed rested and a little sore from an afternoon of basketball with the guys.  Hope you each found time to rest and relax over the holiday. 

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