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Hope for Haiti

Since Tuesday afternoon, our hearts and thoughts have been held captive by the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti to its core. As stories are told and media is shared, we are seeing the awful reality of the death and destruction that is the reality now for the millions that call the area around Port au Prince home.
It is so heartbreaking to imagine what these men, women, and children are going through. It is unfathomable for most US citizens.
And it is just one more thing to happen to a country that has endured disaster after disaster and years of abject poverty.
Each evening as I head to bed  I think about the thousands that are still buried alive in the rubble and have yet to be found. People who, hurt or not, are in complete isolation and have been wondering for 50+ hours if anyone will find them or if they are slowly taking their last breaths in their personal tomb.
Each day I think of the family members who do not know what has happened to their loved ones. If they have perished or if they are still alive under the rubble.  I imagine someone who has received a miracle text from someone buried under levels of a building knowing that there is absolutely nothing they can do.
Each day I think of the humanitarian workers who have worked tirelessly in Haiti for years only to see everything devastated in a matter of minutes. I think of the Haitian, who against all odds, built themselves a life and a business and provided for their family and in mere seconds, they are back to ground zero.
In the days months ahead, may we continue our faithful and ceaseless prayers. May we be generous with our money.  And may we commit to staying the course with Haiti in the years of recovery to come.

Gracious, Emmanuel. Grant peace in the midst of the chaos and pain in Haiti. May Your light shine in all the darkness that covers this land.  Give miraculous strength to all relief workers, humanitarians, and volunteers.  Flood the Haitians with your love and comfort and may you soften our hearts and move us to action out of love for our brothers and sisters. Amen.

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