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Hopeful News from Uganda

From Invisible Children:

We know youre all excited about the news coming out of Uganda right now, and so are we. However, there are many terms and conditions that go into ending a war. Right now the Ugandan government and the LRA have agreed to a ceasefire and a temporary truce has been signed. This does not mean that they have signed a peace treaty. It does mean were hopeful that in the coming weeks the peace process will come to an end and the war will be over.

This war has now lasted for 20 years and has affected millions of lives. It will take time to rehabilitate the people and their region once this war ends. We will continue to support children in our Education Program and our employees of the Bracelet Campaign.

This is an exciting time for Northern Uganda and for us here at Invisible Children. There have been peace talks between the Ugandan government and the LRA in the past, but none have ever made it to this point. We are encouraged by what has gone on thus far and are optimistic for the near future.

Please continue to support the people of Northern Uganda. They still need our help.

We will do our best to keep you updated as new information becomes available so keep checking back. The invisible children of Northern Uganda appreciate your support and were looking forward to the future.

For more information go to www.ugandacan.org.

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  • Jim Botts

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m a Pastor of a new church in the suburbs of Chicago. We’ve just setup a partnership with a church in Kampala Uganda to help them reach the next generation of leaders in the country for Christ. Having spent 2 weeks on the ground in Uganda in June, I’ve seen the damage in the north with my own eyes. Maybe our work there might be of interest to you? Check us out at – http://www.crossingchurch.org/public/Partner_Uganda.php
    You are up to some good…keep on!
    In Christ,
    Pastor Jim

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