Youth Ministry

Hot Summer Days

Last night I had our 2nd Annual College Campout.  With some of our hottest summer days ….  which is why I was thankful that they voted to stay inside!! We made s’mores in the oven and enjoyed the comfort of AC.  Very wise decision.  I went to bed around 3 this morning so I’m a little tired.

This afternoon was another Mission JC for my youth.  Each Wednesday this summer we have been serving in the community on Wednesday afternoons.  We’ve worked with local food banks and community ministries. Today we purchased $400 in groceries, assembled them in a bag and delivered them to local families that are in need.  It was about 100 degrees today and the kids worked really hard going door to door delivery food.  The whole point is to let our neighbors know of God’s love for them by meeting their basic needs.  Following the example of Christ.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow to rest and see Blake and Morgan.  I have to work most of tomorrow evening with meetings and the such but the day is MINE!

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