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Hurricane Ivan

Forgot to post about the Hurricane. I was watching the aftermath and Ivan hit the area where we stay for our senior trip really hard!!! In fact, many of the place we drive by or go to each year suffered some serious damage. They showed the Romar Baptist Church which I’ve driven by each year and thought – hey, God, call me here to serve; I could suffer in beach ministry. The entire church was GONE. Ivan took her back into the sea.

I’m really curious about the beach houses in Fort Morgan where we’ve stayed. I hope they made it without too much destruction.

Here’s a quote from the New York Times. The “Down Under Dive Shop” (picture to the left) Dive_under_shop
is the shop that we went to this past year to check on snorkeling and we always stop by Souvenir City.

Water swamped the Down Under dive shop, lapping above the level of the plywood boards hammered into place to protect the building. White-capped waves crested in the parking lot of Souvenir City. One resident, Steve Horvat, joked that he now had beachfront property. “The problem is some people say it looks like a houseboat,” he said.

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