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Ice, Ice, Baby

What is up with winter weather?  Who finds this enjoyable?   It is COLD.  My electric bill came yesterday and it was WAY over the top.  "Eating-mac-and-cheese-in-January" over the top.  I moved the thermostat down and as I type this blog my nose is literally frozen.  Wo-man was not meant to live this way.  Enough complaining – at least I have a home to come to, right?  Yes – that is right. I am more than blessed and my needs are more than met. Help me, God, to not take that for granted.

Today was a not so crazy day at the church.  We ended up cancelling activities for tonight due to the icy weather.  Better safe than sorry.  So I was actually home at 5 pm which was great on a Wednesday.  Watched the news and read my paper.  Washed up some dishes and then have been on this computer updating websites.  Need to exercise ….  (hold on, I’m laughing right now…. that’s a good one, Melissa)

Tomorrow I get to see BLAKE!  Absolutely fantastic.  I miss the little booger. I brought him a little gift from Keystone – a little bib that says "Junior Ski Patrol".  I’m sure he will be very thankful for it.

So I had lunch with a friend today and he is going to start training for a marathon in April.  Running a marathon has been on the long list I have of things I’d like to do once in life.  Maybe I’ll begin the training too.  I don’t think I’d be ready by April but maybe I could do one next fall. Right, Kailey?  You in, girl? 

No deep thoughts or intellectual insights for today.  My brain has slowed down to focus all of its energy on staying warm.  I wondered what would happen if I started a fire in my fake fireplace . . . .  hmmm.

Peace (cough, cough)


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  • Kailey

    SHOOT YEAH I’M IN!!! I’d love to do that with you and maybe for once I can stick to something dealing with exercise:)!
    You also looked ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL lastnight and I sooooo whould have dumped Garrett for you. Then he would have been forced to dance with Preston! 😉 I had a great time, as always, hanging out with you. I’m sad that I don’t get to do it more often.
    Hope you have a great week and I’ll see you on friday.
    Love you,

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