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I'm Back

I returned around 4 am Saturday from our senior trip to Fort Morgan, Alabama.  We had a great time there.  The weather was perfect the entire trip – lots of sun on beautiful beaches.  The seniors were great.  They were an awesome bunch and we had a great time.  Lots of play time, ocean time, talk time, eating time.  We swam with dolphins and sting rays.  We slept in and watched movies.  We spent 12 hours straight in a church van coming and going.  We had the 24-hr bug with lots of vomiting and other assorted health wonders.  It was mostly a perfect week.  I posted some pictures in the "Youth Group" photo album.


I went to bed about 4 am on Saturday then got up about 11:30 am.  I decided to mow first thing because the lawn had really grown in the week I was gone.  So, I pull the cord on the mower and the coil was tight, yanking the cord back with full force but my thumb broke its return.  And as a result, I fractured my thumb.  See picture below.

I go later this week to see about a cast or whatever.  Not sure yet.  All I’m sure of is that my sand volleyball and softball games are over for a while.  Which really bums me out.  I was really looking forward to the summer of activity.  Lesson learned:  don’t mow your yard. 🙂

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