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I'm Cyber Moving

A big heads-up:

Before long, I will be switching from Typepad to WordPress.  My site there is already up and running.  Go to www.melissahatfield.wordpress.com.  Eventually, I’ll change my domain of www.melissahatfield.com to that url but for now, I’ll keep it linked to this one.

WordPress is free for me and I like alot of the features and especially templates.  Thus the move. 

So, please change your links, your favorites, etc. and direct them from now on to www.melissahatfield.wordpress.com.

Peace –

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  • Roger Hatfield

    Wandering through the new connections and challenges for the day I spied a familiar voice that sees beyond today. Yes, indeed, a voice that sees.
    Melissa, thank you for seeing the sounds of a new generation, a new culture, who need to see and hear a God who never changes. You go, girl, until you see God’s face with a big smile and hear God say, “Well, done…..
    Love forever from your Mom and Dad…..

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