Random Reflections

I'm stuffed

I’ve got two minutes before I have to head back for our evening session but wanted to post briefly.

I’m stuffed . . .

1) Stuffed from food.  You wouldn’t believe it if I showed you pictures of our meals here.  We have the presidential dining suite, a personal wait staff and the most amazing three-course meals served with great style.  I’m so stuffed.  No time to exercise and way too much to eat.  I keep thinking of Preston and Grady and how they would feel like they had died and gone to heaven at each of our meal times.

2)Stuffed from content and processing.  The conference has been excellent and I have so much to process and think through.  I believe this will be a wonderful program for me as I continue to develop as a pastor.  We finish up tomorrow and will not gather again until January but there will be some work assignments in the months in between.  I have some specific actions that I need to put into action upon my return to home.  Some of it is personal care to help me recover from burnout that has really been developing for nearly two years. It took a huge nose-dive two years ago related to some specific events and I realized this week that I have never fully recovered.  My resources are very low and I become overwhelmed much more quickly than ever before.  I need to do some intentional self-care to deal with this and heal so that I can move forward with ministry.  I will need all my resources for things down the road.  I also have some specific action plans for my professional development.  I will need to spend some more time soon clearly outlining some of those things.

Anyway – time to go again. More content to cram into my already stuffed mind and spirit.  Miss you all and look forward to volleyball on Thursday night.  I’ll be the slow one who can barely move because she stuffed way too much food into her this week!

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