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Interesting Mail Day

There were four items in my mailbox today:

1.  Letter from my sponsored child in Kenya.
2.  Letter from my sponsored child in Rwanda.
3.  Packet from the America World Adoption organization.
4.  The water bill.  (not so exciting but small so that is good.)
SylvainJust interesting to have such diversity in my mailbox related to children around the world.  A great way to start off 2009!  I’ve sponsored a boy in Rwanda for a few years now.  His name is Sylvain and he is a handsome young man.  I haven’t had a lot of personal communication with him but as he gets older and he is able to better communicate, I am sure that will change.  In the meantime, I send cards and special mailings that World Vision sends to me to personalize and send to Sylvain.  I wish there was a way to help more children that are suffering in Rwanda but at least I’m making a difference to Sylvain.  The community that Sylvain is in has suffered food shortages due to the financial crisis.  You can make a difference as well by checking out World Visionkelvin.
The other boy I sponsor is Kelvin from Kenya.  I’ve just been his sponsor for a few months.  I had the opportunity to visit Kenya in October and will be returning a few times in the next few years.  I thought it would be meaningful to sponsor a child in that region since I would have the opportunity to visit him in the future. Plus, I met such wonderful children and people while I was there it is meaningful to know that I’m helping another child and his family.  I received my very first letter from Kelvin today.  He is very young and so he drew some great pictures at the top while the World Vision project leader wrote the letter for him.  I look forward to getting to know Kelvin over the next several years.
I’ve had some friends who have recently adopted children from around the world.  I’ve been praying about whether this will be something I do in the future.  I’m not married and don’t know that I will be.  I’ve never been certain about whether I want to be a mom or not.  But as I get older, I need to spend some time praying and thinking about this.  I’m not planning anything right away but I need to be investigating, saving, and praying if I decide to in the future.  So, I have a thick packet of information to read and look through.
And the water bill…well nothing exciting there other than you know that at least I bathe.

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