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"Imma let you finish, but ..."

What do you think of when you hear the word “interruption”?  Did your blood pressure just rise a little? Did you picture an annoying coworker who pops in your office like a prairie dog after six cups of coffee?  Did you picture your toddler who thinks you must hate to be alone when you poop so she makes sure to join you?  “Imma let you finish, Mommy, but ….”
To be honest, when I think of an “interruption” it is always in the negative.  Like some evil invasion in my life set to destroy my productivity and peace of mind.  As if they are conspiring with the evil in the world to ruin my day.  Yes, yes …  it is all about me. I’m sure of it.
Yesterday, my day was “interrupted”.   I’m on vacation. I’m relaxing, sitting by the pool reading and pretending to read while stealthily looking at everyone else under the guise of reading with sunglasses on.  You know, average stuff.
Then, my phone rings.  I didn’t  recognize the number and normally I would have let it go to voice mail but I was waiting for a couple of work-related calls.  While on vacation. (only one of my many dysfunctional qualities).  So, I answered.

Hello?  Melissa, this is Jennifer*.
Hey, Jennifer.

Dang it.
Jennifer* (not her real name) is a sweet lady from church.  She likes to call occasional and give feedback on something she heard you preach at church or something you were wearing.  Mind you, it is never mean-spirited because Jennifer can’t be mean-spirited.  Although she is an adult, Jennifer is very much like a child because, biologically and intellectually, her mind stayed like a child.

Do you want to hear a joke, Melissa?
Sure, Jennifer.
Do you know what the longest word in the English language is?
Not a clue, Jennifer. What?
Smiles.  Because there is a mile between the s’s.

It was at that moment that I saw the interruption differently.   Here was absolute goodness “interrupting” my day.  It felt like a heavenly kiss upon the forehead of my spirit.  After I picked myself up from the dirt under my shoe where I belonged, I thanked Jennifer and told her she just made my day.   We chitchatted a little longer – she got her hair cut and wants me to see it Sunday.  I told her I’d be gone another week but I’d see it when I returned.  She informed me that by then it would have grown out a “teansy” bit but would still look cute.  I told her I had no doubt that would be the case. She ended it by saying she’d let me get back to my vacation.
And then she said “I love you, Melissa“.
I love you, too, my beautiful interruption.
What beautiful interruptions have you had lately?  I’d love for you to share them below in the comments.

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