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Perhaps you will think me a traitor or sell-out.  Perhaps merely a trend-follower or wanna-be.  Perhaps I don’t care. 🙂img_50811_macbooks-penryn
As of today, I am a Mac user.  After 20-some years of faithful PC use, I own my first MacBook Pro. And so far, I love it.
I did a lot of investigation before I made the leap.  I talked to several folks – especially those who switched from PCs to Macs and I didn’t find one that regretted the switch. The Mac was more user-friendly, app loaded, and great for the creative side of my work.  I’m looking forward to making some awesome videos and publications with my Mac – especially with the numerous mission trips coming up.  I’ve been investigating my options for blogging from Kenya and the Dominican Republic.  It is my hope to help members of our congregation come along with us and see their prayers and donations at work.
There are many, many things for me to figure out with this new toy.  If you have any suggestions, things you’ve learned, advice you would give to a Mac newbie, I’m all ears.


  • heidi

    Just make sure you installed the iLife 09, I didn’t, mine came with ’08 installed and a disc to install ’09. I was so excited to start using my computer that I didn’t even notice that I had ’08 but as I used iMovie and iPhoto noticed that my computer wouldn’t do some of the awesome things it was supposed to. Finally, last week I realized why and installed ’09 and spent much of last night typing in names on my photos and was so excited. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Jennifer H

    I’ve worked on a Mac for years. I definitely prefer them to PCs (although the computer I own is a PC, as it was a gift!)
    Welcome to the mac world — you won’t regret it!

  • wanida

    Welcome to being a Mac user. I made the move a year ago and, like you did my research. I also sat in on the seminars in the Apple store and was encouraged by fellow seminarians who have made the move.
    I find Macs much more intuitive, loved the smell when I first opened the box (I know thats a strange one but just think about it and you’ll know what I mean) call mine my baby. I use the British LIbrary a lot and never seem to be surprised by the number of Mack users. I don’t know if it is just academics making the move or if Mac are now just much more serious competition!

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