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It's My Birthday

Today is my 36th birthday.  It has been a great 36 years and I hope for another 36 at least.   I’ve been blessed in so many, many ways.
I’ve had the best family anyone could dream of having.  My parents are my heros in so many ways and truly my friends, my advisors, my confidants.  My sister is so dear to me and I love her and her dear family.  My niece and my nephew are my inspiration for making the moments in life count by investing in what is important and saying “no” to what isn’t.
I’m blessed with countless friends who are there for me through all things. Friends who forgive me and give me grace.  Friends who remind me that it isn’t good for man to be alone.
I’m blessed with a career that helps me live a life of purpose.  Working with youth that believe they can make a difference and who keep me honest.  Teenagers who love me because I love them – not because of what I wear or how I look or because I speak for reals, homie.   Organizing mission partnerships so that members of our church family can be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Traveling all over the world meeting the people God loves and weeps for because they are His children.
I’m blessed because I have a house to live in, a vehicle to get around in, insurance when I’m sick, clothes in my closet, food in my cabinets, clean water in my pipes.
There is nothing I need.
But what I wish for my birthday ….  what I hope comes true when I close my eyes and blow out the candles … what I hope we all wish for when our special day comes ….
is for others to be blessed.
If you want to bless others in honor of my birthday, you can go here – .
Watch this video and learn more about charity:water. It is worth the four minutes.

The story of charity: water – The 2009 September Campaign Trailer from charity: water on Vimeo.

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