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It's Steve's Fault . . .

Okay, a very quick post since it has been over two weeks since I posted last and since I am heading out of town today (since it is nearly 2 am I can say today) for Kentucky with my youth.  I sincerely apologize for my absence from the blogging world.  I had become so faithful in my postings, so proud of my consistency, so blessed by my verbal sessions on the web yet I was easily distracted and led astray.  And very willingly, I might add.

If you have missed my posts, you may blame Steve because it is his fault.  Completely.  If you know Steve, it will be easier to confront him.  If you do not, you will simply have to curse him from a far and trust that it will be of some good beyond your own personal detoxing of blogging bitterness. 

Okay, okay . . . it isn’t completely his fault.  And for the record, I vehemently oppose any cursing directed at Steve.  And also for the record – Steve has been dropping not so subtle hints that I should return to my blog so in actuality you should be thanking him for this post.

My rather limited free time has been otherwise occupied (ahem) the last two weeks with my boyfriend.  Which is why I’m not complaining.  However, it has left me with little time to sit down and type rather drawn out excuses for why I’ve not been blogging.  Until now . . .

Anywho … I’m having a grand time.  Steve – you are the best boyfriend ever!! (pole)  And not just because you mowed my yard today.  🙂

I’m headed to Passport camp with 39 youth for the week.  I’ll be absent from the posting world for the week but I promise to make every effort to return to more faithful postings after I return.

Have a week full of unexpected blessings and the rich peace of Christ –


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