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It's Time

120 adults at my church, not including our youth, are starting a new study called "It’s Time". It is a curriculum created by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to help churches make the journey towards becoming a missional church. What is a missional church?  Well, there is an endless supply of conversations and discussions about the term "missional".  Overall, the idea of a missional church is that it is a sending church.  A missional church seeks to be the presence of Christ outside the walls of the church building.

I’m incredibly excited about the study and the future for First Baptist.  We have 10 small groups studying the material for the next eight weeks and the conversations that will be happening around those tables are needed desperately.  I sense that many in our congregation are hungry for this challenge and to add depth and movement to their faith.  My passion is great in this area and now it is also my responsibility at the church as pastor of missions as well as youth.

My small group met for the second time tonight and the conversation has been good.  Many share the same heart of a mixture of desiring to answer the call but not completely ready to jump. It is a very honest response.

Have any of you done the study?  Are any readers currently in the study at FBC?  What are your thoughts and experiences so far?

On a side note, I’m beginning Brian McLaren’s book Everything Must Change which has been on my list for quite sometime. I’m really excited about it having loved McLaren’s previous works and having heard many positive things from others.


  • kate

    i’m also reading continue the conversation. my parents are participating in “it’s time” and i’m excited for them and excited for fbc to be following the idea of being the hands and feet of christ.
    some other interesting reads: peppermint pinata and justice in the burbs

  • Jennifer

    I’m in the study. We’ve met once at this point, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the group and growing along with them.
    My sister gave me “Everything Must Change” for Christmas. Due to lots of other stuff on my MUST READ NOW list (like, uh, textbooks), I’ve only read a few chapters — but definitely worth reading.

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