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Judge Melissa got served

Today was a little out of the norm but I like it that way.  Went to Columbia all afternoon to judge an FBLA public speaking event.  About 8 high school students gave 4 minute speeches on a business/FBLA related issue.  Pretty interesting and I enjoyed being an all-important judge.  I thought about coming early, wearing my judge-badge and seeing how much special treatment I could milk out of the deal.   I got convicted just about the time some poor high school boy was getting ready to be my "purse-carrier boy" and decided that abuse of power is not a good thing and can quickly go to your head.

Tonight was the first mowing of the spring season.  I broke a champagne bottle over the mower and set to work.  I love a freshly mowed yard.  Makes me feel like a domestic goddess.  Wait . . . I AM a domestic goddess.   Then I went to play racquetball with Steve for awhile.  I got my butt kicked – that’s right, Steve.  I have homework tonight because Steve SCHOOLED me big time.  Get the plates because I just got served!!!  BTW – the goggles give you a funky face tattoo.  Nice …

Drum-roll:  The all-important-ever-amazing unexpected blessings . . . (in no particular order)  the sound of the racquetball whizzing by your head (makes a very distinct and exhilirating sound that is heightened by the intensity of narrowly escaping death); an a-ha moment about some personal stuff that came during the middle of the premarital session I was conducting today.  A blessing because of the clarity and peace that came with the awareness more than anything; and finding out that Kailey is comin’ to town this weekend! yee-haw

Right now as I type this my dad is flying over the Atlantic Ocean on his way back from Eastern Europe.  He’ll be home Tuesday night which is very good because I miss him and need to give him a major hug.  I think I also need to prepare my nephew, Blake, because Dad is never go to let him go on Wednesday.

And this last parting word from Paul that comes from Acts 23:5 in the Message paraphrase.  First let me set the stage: Paul is before the high priests during a meeting called by the Roman captain.  At one point, Paul says to the Chief Priest that he is a fake and that God will slap him down for being a hypocrite.  In v. 4, they responded how dare Paul talk to the chief priest this way.  So Paul responds this way (v. 5) Paul acted surprised.  "How was I to know he was Chief Priest?  He doesn’t act like a Chief Priest.  You’re right, the Scripture does say, ‘Don’t speak abusively to a ruler of the people.’ Sorry."   Sometimes, Paul just cracks me up.  Other times, he ticks me off.  But tonight, I just had to say in the words of Ben Phelps,  "Good one, Paul, good one."

Peace – Melissa

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