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Kitchen Plan F

I called Lowe’s today about the floor. Seems like it is too expensive and too time-consuming to have a professional come and remove the old vinyl flooring in the kitchen. So, following the directions of one of the Lowe’s staff, we leveled the floor with floor leveling paste (like cement mixture). We put this any place where the old flooring was coming up or where we had managed to get it up (which wasn’t much). Since it wasn’t until around 5 pm when we did this, we have postponed the actual laying of the floor until next week. Murphy’s Law. Just remember to plan an extra two weeks for any home project you plan to undertake. We will get it done and it already looks a lot better.

Of course, I probably could have finished the floor today, however, my sister called and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with her and my nephew, Blake. No way I’m passing that up. We went (with mom and dad) to DQ for lunch. Blake slept the whole time. Then I ran an errand with Ang and Blake. Then we went to Angela’s house and I was able to feed Blake again. I love doing that. What a sweetie he is. Absolute perfection. (Can you tell I’m proud or what??)

Busy weekend ahead with Common Ground activities. Hope you have a great weekend yourself.

Peace – Melissa

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