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Klaipeda Day Two

I’m actually able to post from a computer today from a computer lab in the dorm we are staying in the next few days.  Our host is LCC – Lithuania Christian College. This morning we attend City Church here in Klaipeda, Lithuania.  It was a great worship service for a new generation of Lithuanian Christians.  It resembled the contemporary services in some churches I’ve visited like The Crossing in Columbia, MO, or The Journey in St. Louis, MO.  30 – 40 minutes of praise and worship.  A teaching time followed by an offering and then a praise song or time as closing.  It was about 1 hr and 30 minutes in length and the room was full of young people which is quite encouraging in this country as they, too, struggle with reaching the younger generation with the Gospel.  Our group sang the offertory and it actually went okay.  We harmonized and didn’t break any glass so I count that as a success.

After service, everyone gathered downstairs for food and free lunch.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship with the people of the church.  We were there until nearly 3 pm.

We then took a bus or "van taxi" to the Acropolis which is a huge mall in Klaipeda.  We spent about 3 hours shopping and looking for gifts to bring home.  We then enjoyed another meal with some Lithuanian style food.  You would be proud to note that even though a McDonalds was right next door, we didn’t go there.  However, I will confess that we have had ice cream every single day while on the trip!!! We refer to it as "manna". 🙂

We returned back to the dorm and had our devotion.  Some of us have stayed in to get to bed early.  Three of the team returned to the jazz festival that is going on in downtown Klaipeda.  All of us went last night but some needed to get some more! 🙂

Tomorrow we will work all day at City Church doing some manual labor – cleaning, removing wallpaper.  It will be a long day but we are thankful to be a part of their ministry. Tomorrow night part of the church staff are having us over to their home for another Lithuanian barbecue.  We LOVE Lithuanian barbecues. 🙂

God bless and continue your prayers!

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