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Labor Away

Hope each of you had a productive and fun weekend. It was a great weekend and great weather.

I took several youth up to Kansas City for the annual Rock the Light concert. We went up on Saturday and enjoy the outdoor Christian concert event. We heard the bands Building 429; KJ-52; Casting Crowns; Pillar and Relient K. The kids love the music and atmosphere. I have a ton of Relient K fans in the group. However, Pillar was by far my favorite band. I bought their latest cd with several great songs. My favorite song is the powerful “Simply”.

I’ve made it so hard on myself
Turning my back on how you felt
Seeing a lie that led me on
Leaving a love that did no wrong
That’s what it took for me to say
That you simply love
Despite all the stupid things I’ve done
It’s hard to remember that you simply love
Even though I know not what I’ve done
I’ve tried to do all this on my own
Not thinking once of what you’ve shown
All that I’ve done has blinded me
To everything that you have for me
I want you to know I finally see
I don’t know why I can’t understand
I don’t know why I can’t comprehend
I don’t know why I can’t understand

Great lyrics reminding that God simply loves – no matter what we do or fail to do.

So, we stayed overnight in Lee’s Summit and went to church at First Baptist, Lee’s Summit. We returned to JC around 4 pm. I was looking forward to a quiet night at home and going to bed early since I had about 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night. However, I realized when we returned to JC that I had left my wallet at the McDonald’s in Lee’s Summit!!!!! By the time I got home to track down the number, the manager had called and said they had my wallet in their safe. So, I conned my parents into going to Lee’s Summit with me (actually they offered and since I had no money or driver’s license, it sounded like a really good idea) and I went back to Lee’s Summit!!!! What a crazy day but I’m thankful that folks were honest up there at the McD’s and that I received it intack! Craziness – I can’t give my kids grief any more about leaving things behind. Ha.

Today my dad and I were to put the floor down in my kitchen. We began to take up the vinyl flooring and we knew it would be a loooooooooooong day. The floor was coming up in pieces and we had barely made a dent after 30 minutes. So we went to Lowe’s to track down some suggestions and found out about a tool that we need that will make it go much quicker. Unfortunately, they were sold out. So, we have postponed the floor until Thursday. Dad did some odd jobs around here and I spent the day putting up curtain rods and priming some furniture pieces for the kitchen. Hopefully by next weekend the kitchen will be completed.

I also finished my second Nicholas Spark’s book “The Wedding”. It was a great read. I’m now moving onto my third Spark’s novel, “A Bend in the Road”. I’m enjoying the lighter reading and taking a break from all the work related reading that I have been doing the last two or three years.

Have a great work and school week. Live each day to the fullest.

Peace – Melissa

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    Ok – I just wanted to start this comments thing. No one ever leaves me comments. (boo hoo). So, if you are so inspired, drop a note – even a complaint. whatever. just share your thoughts on things or say hello!

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