Random Reflections

Labor-less Day

The solution to fall allergies is simple . . . don’t go outside.  I didn’t leave my house today and I feel great!  No scratchy throat or congestion. I’m thinking I should not leave the house until the first freeze which is a problem since I love the outdoors so much and autumn is a beautiful time to be outdoors.

Today I ceased from labor.  I slept in recovering from my weekend trip. I didn’t put on my "face". I didn’t clean or file or work in the yard. I did pay bills but that was a necessity. I watched some television.  I read some.  I baked brownies.  I watched the movie "Four Brothers".  I wrote my obituary.

Okay, the last one is a little weird and seems a bit out of context but it has been something that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  I am working on getting my "stuff" in order so that when I die my loved ones will not have to burdened with too many details or trying to figure out how I would want things to be.  So, one of the first things I wanted to do was write a current obituary with photo so they could have that taken care of in the event of my death.  Writing one’s obituary is a very clarifying experience.  To sum up your life in a few words.  To reflect on what is most important and what footprints you will leave in this world.  Interestingly, the focus of standard obituaries are educational accomplishments; occupational accomplishments; awards and family relationships. Are these categories the most telling of an individual’s life?  I’ve written my obituary but want to give it some additional thought as I think about what I would like to convey most and how I would like to word the summary of my journey.  Whatever the wording, keeping the obit in mind will help me make the most of each day I have before I must share this life summary with the world.

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