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Leaving On a Jet Plane Again

Some of the children Servant's Heart works with.

I’m writing this at 5:37 am as Dr. Lory Feeler and I wait for our flight to the Dominican Republic. We are spending a few days with our partners, Servant’s Heart Ministries, in Sosua, DR. SHM is a Canadian-based ministry and we are their only US partner.  They want to grow their contacts in the US and need to develop the means for Americans to give charitable donations.  One of our major goals is to work through this issue to help SHM go to the next phase of their ministry.
We also want to spend some time talking about the future of our partnership. We’ve been partners going on four years and we have a commitment to evaluate after every three. I believe all sides want to continue on but it is the perfect time to discuss improvements, dreams, and where next. Which I find incredibly exciting.
God is doing some amazing things in the Dominican, in the lives of Phil and Donna Williams and the congregation of FBCJC as we embrace our call to be the salt and light in this world.
Blessings and we will keep you posted.

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