My Life

Leaving On a Jet Plane

….But I do know when I’ll be back again. (if things go according to plans which you never know.)
I head out early Friday morning with a team to the Dominican Republic. We will be working with our partners, Servant’s Heart Ministries, in Sosua, Dominican Republic.  We usually spend a week with them each June doing a mobile medical clinic.  However, we are coming this week to help begin construction of a permanent medical clinic at a location where we use to do a mobile clinic.  How exciting to see the community come together and provide for this great need. There is no care for thousands of people in these areas.  What little care there is they often cannot afford.
The clinic is being built onto a local church and it has been the pastor of this church that has dreamt this project and seen it into reality. To me, it is such a wonderful testimony to why the church is here.  Not just to tend to the spiritual needs but the physical needs as well.  Jesus modeled for us the need to meet physical needs – like hunger, thirst, and yes, healing – before someone is able to listen to truth that will heal the soul.
I will be posting updates from our trip on our church’s mission blog. Please feel free to check in each day and follow our progress throughout the week.

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