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Freedom for Les Miserables

les_miserables_ver11I just returned from seeing the movie, Les Miserables, tonight and sat down to write a Facebook status about how amazing it was. Go now to see this powerful story of the wretched ones on a quest for hope and redemption. Really. NOW. Find a screening and get there. No need to thank me later.
My facebook status turned into epic novel so to avoid being that person that commandeers your newsfeed with a mile long update, I wrote this blog.
What a powerful and moving story of redemption, grace and God’s transformative love. I’m struggling to put into words how amazing this movie was but let’s just say I done went to church tonight. (still have to go tomorrow anyway since it’s Sunday and I’m one of the pastors.)
I don’t think I’ve ever truly felt the power of God in a theatre before this film. I literally looked around the theatre a few times knowing that the Spirit of God was hovering over the audience – hoping and praying in unison with the saints for an opening. An opening into the imprisoned soul of someone. Someone who feels like they can’t escaped their past, their pain. Someone who came into the theatre believing he was not worthy of saving. Someone who has grown accustomed to her chains.
My soul aches for people to be free, to be released from bondage. God’s love unlocks our chains and God’s mercy flings them to the ocean floor. He is the relentless Liberator of a people determined to remain slaves. If only we could believe that it has already been done. If only we could accept that God finds us worthy. If only we could forgive ourselves and surrender our pride.
The Good News, the Gospel truth, was seeping out of the screen and flooding the theatre. Did you feel it? Did you hear it?

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