Random Reflections

Let the Anticipation Begin

It was a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday for me this year.  Good times with family and very little pressing agenda.  For those two things, I am thankful.

One of the traditions that I carry on from my childhood days is putting up Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  Although it was a Christmas_pictures_002little odd to be putting up trees and lights in 70 degree weather. It is abnormally warm here which I love but for those of us who associate cold with Christmas it is slightly unsettling.

It is a great time to put up outside decorations and so I am contemplating how to decorate my new home.  It is my first Christmas here so there is some adjusting of decor and such to make it fit.  I did get a "new" Christmas tree up.  I got my parents tree from them.  It was too big for their family room and with my high ceilings, it made a better fit here.  As you can see, it is a big tree.  But it looks great!!!

I love Christmas.  It is the time of year when the kingdom of God on earth seems most possible.  It may be difficult to see that as we watch footage of people fighting and trampling one another in a quest for a cheap toy but don’t focus there.   More people are thinking about others, gathering with family, giving of self to serve others and seeking joy.  If there is ever a season to believe that the reign of God is possible on earth and in our lives, it is the season where we celebrate Emmanuel – God with us.

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