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Life Goals

Blake Update: He and mommy went home today. All are doing well and adjusting to the beautiful changes in their family. Thanks for all the nice notes and comments.

Some of our young singles group, Common Ground, helped with move-in day at Lincoln University here in Jefferson City. It is a step forward in realizing one of our goals of reaching out to the college students in the community. It was a fun day and we enjoyed helping out – mostly at the girl’s dorm because the girls brought the most stuff. It was amazing. I forgot all about that process and how crazy move-in day is for families and students.

Life Goals: I am a list and big-picture person. It helps me to continually set goals and evaluate them throughout the year. It gives me direction and reminds me of what I have deemed important in life. In January, I ran across a site where a guy had listed 25 personal goals for the new year. I liked several of them and printed it off. Let me share a few that I adopted for myself plus some of my own. Some I’m doing well with – others have been subtly ignored. Maybe some of them will inspire you.

1. Read two books a month.
2. Save $1000.
3. Memorize more scripture.
4. Involve myself in the life of others.
5. Give myself and possessions away.
6. Watch less than two hours of TV a week! (not counting morning news)
7. Be more reflective and prayerful in my spending.
8. Enjoy the small things more.
9. Write two songs.
10. Develop a healthier lifestyle.
11. Commit to memory and skill “Prelude in C# Minor” by Rachmoninoff.

Peace – Melissa

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