Random Reflections

Life is Messy

I apologize for not posting for a week.  Life has been getting in the way.  It has been two very busy weeks as I prepare to leave town for a while on trips and need several things in place before I go.  So much of my time has been spent with that and with some wonderful, rich fellowship with friends – individually and in mass. 

I am so thankful that God has changed my heart and created a recognizable love within me for community.  It has become a deep blessing for me that has surprised this introvert.  I am the better for it. Thanks to our Common Ground Lead Team for such a wonderful "church" experience Monday night after our meeting.  That was rich.

Right now I feel very close to God.  Because I need God very much right now and have nothing within with which to gather comfort and so I’m forced to rest in the Spirit.  I’m thankful for things and events and feelings that force me to rest in the Spirit.  It is a good place to be.  Life is messy; faith is messy; relationships are messy – these are realities that are unavoidable but not destructive.  The messiness is where we learn some of the most needed lessons; where we taste some of the satisfying pleasure of God’s nature; where we grow compassion towards others and humility regarding ourselves.  Into every life, a little messiness falls.  God is in the business of cleansing.  So it only seems fitting that we come before God in all our messiness and allow Him to do the cleaning up.  Don’t try to wipe down before you come . . . you’ll miss a spot for sure.  Come in your filth and grime and let God wash you clean.  Do this each day, each hour, each moment if needed.

I just finished a very thought-provoking, theologically-challenging book that I hope to post on soon.  I’m still processing it but when I get some coherency, I will share some reflections.

I will post at least once before I leave and may even bring my laptop along to frustrate you with pictures from the beach!

Peace – Melissa

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