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Love Actually

I watched the movie Love Actually tonight. A few very unnecessary scenes as is often the case in films these days but I loved the overall message of recognizing that love is actually all around us. So much seems to focus on the hurting, the suffering, the betraying and the heartache that is portrayed as inevitable in life. Rarely are we encouraged to notice the very abundant love that does truly exist in the world and in a wide variety of relationships and communities. For those of us that recognize that God is love, this serves to remind us of God’s saturating presence in the world and that God is revealed in community with one another. Perhaps this is not what everyone walked away from after seeing this movie, but it is what I saw through my own, unique lense and I was blessed. (and not just because Hugh Grant is a cutie.)

Cable update: I finally connected with Mediacom today about disconnecting my cable. At the last minute after realizing I would be dropping from 70 clear channels to 2 somewhat fuzzy channels, I chickened out and only dropped my extended cable – leaving me with a $30 cheaper bill and still having about 20 channels. I am planning on weaning myself and hopefully, in a few weeks, I can make the cut the rest of the way. I’m telling myself that this is the smart move so I don’t set myself up for failure. I know, I know . . .

Well, tomorrow I should have some wonderful posting news on here along with some great photos of my nephew, Blake. My sister is to report to the hospital early in the morning so we can get this show on the road. Finally. I must share that through this whole process, I have been overwhelmed so many times by the miracle of life and birth. God is so amazing as Creator. It is unfathomable. Who can possibly say after witnessing this life-forming process that miracles do not exist?

I’m off to get some rest so I can perform my duties as aunt with the stamina and energy that is required. Don’t miss this weekend’s posts and the first announcements of Blake’s arrival.

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