Faith Reflections

Love around us

Under the Tuscan Sun is a great movie about a writer named Frances who, after learning her husband was cheating on her, gets away to Italy for what was supposed to be a brief tour. Instead, she impulsively purchases a run-down villa.

The movie is about the unique challenges and beautiful people she encounters as she restores the home and her life. When Frances first came to the villa, she dreamed she would have a wedding and a family one day at the villa. Towards the end of the movie when she is discouraged, someone she loves helps her see those dreams did indeed come true – not for her as she had originally hoped but for those she loved. A dear friend has a baby in the villa. Frances hosts a wedding celebration for one of her employees. It is such a beautiful moment in the film.

Love comes in many forms and expressions. If you are only looking for one kind of love to matter, you will sadly miss the abundance of love already around you.

So, Happy Valentines Day to all the ways love shows up in our lives – romantic, family, friends, Christ. And may our appreciation and open expression of love for another last long after the sun sets on this day.

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