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Man of the House

Tonight I had a call from a telemarketer.  Her first question was "May I speak with the man of the house?"  I replied, "I am the man of the house."  She paused and then said, "Thank you for your time" and hung up.   Hmmm…. was it something I said?

I got something in the mail from God today.  That is how I like to look at a situation where you have been thinking lots about something, then take a step in faith in one direction and then the very next day get something unsolicited in the mail related the very thing you are stepping out in faith about.  I think its incredibly cool how sly God is sometimes.  I mean, it could be some freak luck of the mailbag but hey . . . I just find it more exciting and rich to think that it is God’s handiwork and not some incredible timing of the US Postal Service.  I mean, either way it is a miracle, right?

Speaking of amazing things, let me just say how amazing my parents are.  I am so blessed to have such an awesome mom and dad.  Really . . . I couldn’t begin to describe all the ways in which my parents are wonderful and wise and loving and strong and good.  They came over tonight after a long day of serving others – their perfect grandson and their dear mothers – and helped me put up my Christmas wreaths outside and then sat and talked with me about some decisions I am working through.  They are wonderful and caring listeners and I am so grateful to have them as sounding boards in my life.  I completely hit the jackpot when I chose them as my parents. 🙂 Ok, ok … I had no choice in the matter which is probably why it turned out so well!

I’m wrapping up early tonight.  I took my little sleepy pills early tonight so that I would for sure rest.  Last night it escaped me as I began thinking about everything waiting at the office so I’m not taking any chances tonight!

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