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Margaret Romph

margaret-romphOn Friday evening, one of my youth girls, Erin, was involved in a car accident – along with her grandma and her little sister, Margaret. Erin broke her hand in the wreck and her grandma has some bruising from the seatbelt and I’m sure both are quite sore today from the impact. Along with these physical injuries, they are hurting emotionally. Margaret, who is just 5 years old, is in very critical condition.

She was life-flighted from the wreck and suffered brain trauma, a broken neck, two broken femurs, and serious lung issues. Friday night and today have been very long days and they did not give the family much hope. But we have seen small but miraculous progress today. Margaret is still in critical condition and there are many things unknown. But she is still with us and she is a fighter and has ten-times more spunk than most of us. She is the little angel with the tilted halo, the pink cowboy boots, and the mischievious grin that you live to see.

You can read updates about her progress here.

Please pray:

  • For little Margaret and her healing.
  • For Erin as she deals with the accident.
  • For the Romph family for strength, peace, and wisdom hour by hour.
  • For the staff at University Hospital as they care for Margaret.

May God be glorified in and through all things.


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