Random Reflections

Melissa Needs …

So . . caught this internet thing going around where you google "(insert your name) needs" and post the first 10 reponses that come up.  Here are "Melissa needs":

1.  Melissa needs a fuller understanding to be sure she in on the right track. (um . . scary)
2.  Melissa needs a cigarette every morning when she gets up in order to get herself going.
3.  Melissa needs blood will you help me?
4.  Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead. (stop laughing)
5.  Melissa needs to select information from the Partners table.
6.  Melissa needs her meds.
7.  Melissa needs athletic promotions director phone.
8.  Melissa needs someone from near there who will work with her today to get a van and crates and come up with some kind of temporary holding place for this . . .
9.  Melissa needs attention and will do "things" for attention.
10. Melissa needs computer assistance!!!

Funny, isn’t it!! Try it.

Tonight was our CG bonfire.  Perfect night for tossing the football and making s’mores.  Autumn is definitely here. I’m heading to bed.  I have a golf game tomorrow afternoon and some Halloween fun tomorrow night!

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