Random Reflections

Mondays . . .

Today was one of those marathon Mondays. Spent the morning preparing for a conference. Left at 2 pm and returned at midnight. What a day . . . a lot of time and had two for the conference. Despite the numbers, I did enjoy our discussions and they said it was worth their time so no regrets on either side.

Came home and my house had been rolled for the second night in a row. Ahh . . . the perks of youth ministry. I must give props to this group. Not only was I unable to remove all the tp from the massive tree in my front yard, but when I opened my newspaper later on, they had managed to put some tp inside the roll. Mucho impressivo, amigos y amigas. Muy bien. I love teenagers.

Time to call it a day. All that cleaning in my front lawn has worn me out.


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