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More Blake Photos

I don’t have time to post much but wanted to put up a few new pictures that I took of Blake over the weekend. He is such a sweetie. I was with him on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I spent the night on Friday night while Greg was out of town and helped Angela with Blake and house stuff. We had a great time.

I’ll try to post more this week.

Peace – Melissa

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  • shadow

    you know who i am! hehe….i decided to comment, i can talk more!!! hehe you’re gonna spoil that kid! hehe, but hey….it’s your job right? hehe…yeah….i’m gettin nervous about my poem bein out in the EC in March…it’s the best thing that has really happened…my cousin told me that i’m really lucky to have it published and out there…it’s kinda weird!! hehe i just like to write…i never knew it was gonna turn into something that can help anyone…I love it though! hehe…i talk a lot, i know… But yeah…OH YEAH!! i wanted to tell you about what has been goin on…OK…well let’s see last week was one of the best weeks of my life! i was happy, almost all week, idk what it was but when something went wrong, i was more happy about it than i was angry or upset, then wed. came, and in c-groups we talked about how we “leave” people out, and stuff…and somehow we got on the subject of just turning everything to God…and i realized that’s what has been goin on, really, i was worrying about ne thing, i just let him take it over…it was awesome…I now know what it feels like to be released…it was mondo awesome…i just wish i knew this happiness earlier on…but then again if i did, i wouldn’t have my story to help others!! man oh man….woot woot! hehee….sorry for this novel sized post! i’m just entertaining myself! hehe welp ttyl! LOVE YAS and LATER DAYZ~katherine
    ~PS~ about 3 weeks and i get to dye my hair pink again : ) hehhe YAY! <3 yas

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