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Morning by Morning New Mercies I See

I don’t drink coffee (yes – I’ve tried everything. No amount of sugar or cream or milk or pumpkin spice helps.) As much as I want to be one of the cool kids addicted to liquid energy, I’m destined for uncoolness in all areas of my life. But despite this, I do savor the richness of this liturgy for the ritual of morning coffee.

As you read and, hopefully, pray this prayer below, remember yesterday is not limited to 24 hours. As I prayed this morning, my yesterdays expand far beyond twenty-four hours on the clock. The wounds can feel raw even if inflicted months or years ago. Each morning I am in need of the God who brings life from death, who turns wounds to scars, who extinguishes darkness with the light of hope.

And I love that the liturgy ends with awake. Awake is my word for 2018 (I wrote about it here) and I have seen God do amazing work in me as I’ve prayed to live more awake – to God, to others, to the world, and to me. Approaching each day with this type of prayer is one of the ways to wake me from my mental, emotional and spiritual slumber.

May this bless your day and may you experience the resurrecting power that only Love can give.

A Liturgy for the Ritual of Morning Coffee from Every Moment Holy by Douglas McKelvey

Meet me, O Christ,
     in this stillness of morning.
Move me, O Spirit,
     to quiet my heart.
Mend me, O Father,
     from yesterday’s harms.
From the discords of yesterday,
     resurrect my peace.
From the discouragements of yesterday,
     resurrect my hope.
From the weariness of yesterday,
     resurrect my strength.
From the doubts of yesterday,
     resurrect my faith.
From the wounds of yesterday,
     resurrect my love.
Let me enter this new day,
aware of my need,
     and awake.
In your grace,
O Lord.

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