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Most Anticipated Movie of 2012

I love movies.  I watch a lot of movies. I’m a huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy and can’t wait for the movie release March 23.  I’m also a Twihard (don’t hate), own each of the movies and am counting down to the fifth and final movie this fall.  But even with these ah-mazing movies releasing in 2012, I’m most excited about the April 13 release of  Blue Like Jazz.
The movie is based on the New York Time’s Best Selling book by the same name.  This book changed my faith and the faith of thousands of others – in a great way.  Written by Donald Miller, his semi-autobiographical work, subtitled “Non-Religious Thoughts on ChristianSpirituality,” is a collection of essays and personal reflections chronicling the author’s growing understanding of the nature of God and Jesus, and the need and responsibility for an authentic personal response to that understanding. Much of the work centers on Miller’s experiences with friends and fellow students while auditing courses at Reed College, a liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon. There are so many people who have a similar story of being tired and even angry at the church and religion.  For some, that anger and frustration was also directed at God.  Blue Like Jazz spoke to these people.  It helped exposed a lot of the baggage that religion had unfairly placed on God.  My prayer is that the movie will only multiply the number of people who have been freed from religious baggage to truly embrace God.
The movie opens April 13 in theaters across the country.  Make plans to see it!

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