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Moving Backwards or Forward But Moving Nevertheless

For those of you concerned or mildly curious, my jeep is still with me.  It went to the jeep doctor today and for a small fee, she is back with me and running much better. I shall remain by her side as long as possible. It is the least I can do for her faithful service these past 11 years.

On another note, I purchased a feather-down mattress cover and let me just say – it was so worth it.  Wow. I’ve overslept the last two mornings.  Yes, you might get fired but it is so worth it.

It has been a very busy and very challenging weekend.  Our church invited Don Simmons to come and speak this weekend about "Every Member a Minister".  We had sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, powerful sermons on Sunday and some quality time with Don and the leadership staff today. I have many notes and thoughts overwhelming me as I process what to do with what I’ve been exposed to.  Don is the founder of Creative Potential and provides creative leadership solutions for Nonprofits, Corporations, Churches, Professional Associations and Government Agencies. He has some amazing insights, stories, experiences, etc. to give to these groups.  Our church has been working to become an equipping church and we have much work to do to change the culture of our church to see each believer as a minister rather than placing so much importance on paid, ordained staff to do the ministry.  It is a tough and slow process. One we’ve been working on for quite some time, however, we have much to learn.  There were affirmations and critiques and I have much to think through in relationship to my ministry with youth as well as a associate pastor at the church.

Another feature of my time with Don was related to relocation.  Don moved to the heart of Fresno, CA, a few years ago. He purchased a house that was condemned, restored the home while investing in the restoration of his neighbors and as a result, his on restoration.  I cannot begin to imagine the needs, experiences, and stories of his family neighborhood.  It is completely different from Jefferson City, MO.  Yet it still spoke to my heart as I am continually torn over a constant Spirit prod to relocate to our poorer neighborhoods in Jefferson City. It has been a part of my thinking for over a year. Fear is the biggest shackle I wear concerning moving. Fear of messy relationships.  Fear of commitment.  Fear of proximity – not just physical proximity.  Fear of cultural differences.  Fear of stressing my family.

There are just so many times you can drive around the block before you have to either step out on faith and MOVE or go home.  That moment is coming for me – whether I’m ready or not.


  • Melissa

    Thanks, Cory! 🙂 My rod and staff are comforting. Hope all is well down south of here. Did you see that I found Danny’s blog? Tell him he needs to post more! He can’t be too busy. I mean, a new church, new congregation, new city, new staff. Geez…. nothing big. 🙂

  • Cory

    The 23rd Psalm comes to my mind as I read this post. As you contemplate a move to what some would consider “the valley of the shadow of death,” you can take comfort in your rod (an old, somewhat-reliable jeep) and your staff (a comfy, new mattress). Blessings on the journey.

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