Random Reflections

Mustard Moments

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday.  Work was very busy and I had several of those "should-have-had-a-long-time-ago" conversations with some folks.  Draining but needed. 

Funny youth thing for the day:  During our middle school program one of my 8th grade guys fell to the ground during our game. He stood back up, put his hand in his jeans pocket and pulled it back out – totally covered in yellow gunk. MUSTARD!  He had three packets in his pocket and they all burst when he hit the floor.  So, he went to the bathroom to wash out his jeans and returns a few minutes later with one of the dark trash bags around his waist with his boxers on underneath.  Between laughs, I sent him back to the bathroom and told him to put his jeans on over the plastic trash bag.  He stank all night! Extremely funny and I’m still laughing.  Just anothe reason why I love youth ministry! Thanks, Tyler! Love ya, man 🙂

Tonight a friend of mine from college was in town for a concert.  We got together afterwards and chatted until early morning.  Great to catch up on life with old friends. 

Tomorrow I will see my handsome nephew, Blake!  I’m excited about that.  He is growing so fast. 

Peace –

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