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Hey loyal reader (s).  I’m over at myspace right now trying to connect with my youth.  Due to limited time, I don’t get over here to post much.  You can view my other site at www.myspace.com/refugeonline.

News:  I moved!  I bought a brand new house in Jefferson City and moved last week.  That has been part of the reason why I haven’t blogged.  I had to sell my old house before the new one was finished so I stayed with my parents for a few days.  Yes, a failure to launch gal! 🙂  It was great fun and I got plenty of play time with my nephew.  Since I’ve been in my new house (which rocks, by the way) I haven’t had internet but hopefully that will change this evening with the cable guy comes to hook everything up.

Anywho – hope you all are doing great.  I’ll post some pictures of the new house as soon as I find my digital camera.

Love – Mel

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