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Name My Jeep

For those that know me really well, you know I drive a red jeep.

My jeep was the first car I ever bought and in June, she will be 13 years old.  I’m very attached to her, people know My Beautiful, Nameless Jeepme by my red jeep, and despite a few scares, she is still running.  Her speakers are blown, her radio has died, her driver’s door lock freezes up in the winter, and she makes funny noises but she is still faithful.

I’ve been asked many times if I have a name for her and suprisingly, I don’t.  Even though I always refer to her as a … her.  So, I’ve decided it is time to give her a name. I think she deserves one. But I want your help.

Leave your name suggestion for my jeep as a comment below.  After a week, I’ll pick my three faves and then give you a chance to vote it down to one.  Whomever suggests the winning name will receive a special surprise from my jeep.


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