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New Blog Design Coming

I’m very excited about a new blog designed that I will be debuting very soon here at Wonderings and Wanderings!  I can’t wait.  I think you’ll really enjoy it.  It definitely reflects this sight and me. And its all about me, right?  Right?

Tonight’s c-group was great.  The youth were more wound up then usual but we got to a really great discussion on experiencing God – or the lack thereof.  It was just one of the moments – one of those small groups that gets to that cool point where the sharings and the participants are in the moment. I love those times. It makes all the other times, where you wonder if anything productive happened, worthwhile.

Group_photo_2 The youth went trick or treating Saturday for the Samaritan Center – our local food bank.  It was lots of fun and they collected a lot of food.  We just went to random neighborhoods dressed up and explained what we were doing.  People were very generous – especially to teenagers showing up to their front door in costumes two weeks before Halloween.

I dressed up as a nun.  I was very convincing. I think it got us more food. 

I also went with my sister and mom to take my niece and nephew to a fall festival in our downtown area.  They were adorable.  Blake was a pit crew for Cars and Morgan was Snow White. Super cute. 


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